Is this the end?

Well, just as we were finally getting Jade Panama’ just the way we liked it…that itch happened. The desire for more space. The desire for something new. My desire for something even more salty. Damn YachtWorld. I blame them. Seriously, we have decided to step up to our next boat. We thought Jade Panama’ was gonna be our next 10 year boat…but that doesn’t look like its gonna happen. You see, I became obsessed with Nordhavn, as well as a few others of similar regard and sea worthiness. So, that means we must first part with our darling Jade Panama’. Jalel is struggling with it. She LOVES our boat. We all love it. But the timing just seems right. Now that everything has been addressed that we wanted addressed. Isn’t that the way it goes?


Our beloved Jade Panama’ – the 53 Tollycraft has been sold…

…. and my desire for something much more grand almost happened…

Unfortunately, a bog down of yacht financing and a Greedy sheister of a Boat Broker in Florida killed this deal. I had everything set, did the survey, sea trial, had shipping arranged, but when we asked for an additional week for financing, the greedy broker figured he could weasel his way out of the deal and take a deal where he represented both sides. Cost us a lot of money because of the broken contract killed the Tax Savings of the trade in of our vessel.

So, back to the drawing board. We opened up our minds and searched a bit more broadly. This time focused on the PNW area where we have a bit more control. We ended up looking smaller and newer (my wife loves newer 🙂 )

Much to our surprise, we found a vessel we both liked. Its a far stretch from my original goal of Big and Salty, but its a lot of bang for buck and has most every gadget/ option I could wish for! Its actually a little smaller than what we were coming from, but the newness of all the systems etc make this attractive.

So… what did we end up with????

a Californian LRC 55!

For more details on the next Jade Panama’, take a look at our latest posts.

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