M/V Jade Panama’

As discussed in earlier posts, we had the yearning for something newer. While we greatly enjoyed our Tollycraft, it was 31 years old and with that comes the never ending little frustrations that come with an older vessel. So, naturally it was time to move on 🙂

After much searching, we ended up deciding to sacrifice size for age. As with all Yachts, its always a slew of trade offs. Lucky for us, we found one that really checked most all the boxes… our new to us 2011 Californian LRC 55. The Californian brand which was started by Jule Marshall in the 1970’s has produced yachts throughout the last 4 decades, although it has changed hands several times, with it ultimately ending back up in the hands of Marshall who owned Navigator Yachts as well in 1991. The LRC is a popular design from the early days of Californian Yachts… the idea of an efficient long range design. The new 55 LRC doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Powered by a reliable, single Volve Penta D9 575, she can cruise comfortably at 12-13 knots or stretch out at up to 17 knots. When cruising at 10 knots she gets an astounding 2 MPG of Diesel. Bumping it up to 12.5 knots, she settles in more around 1 MPG which is still respectable.

I loved the hard top, new enclosure, fantastic tender, recent electrical / navigation systems, full hydraulic/elect rotating Nik Jackson Davit, Portuguese bridge, PermaTeak decking throughout, and a very functional interior space. The fuel efficiency is a bonus.

We got the vessel in Oct 2020, and are looking forward to racking up the hours over the next couple years.

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