And so it begins…

Well, we officially navigated our new Jade Panama’ home from Anacortes to Seattle through dense fog the whole trip. She ran and cruised with such grace. A very different feel from our previous vessel, which was much more raw. We spent the next week moving all of our personal belongings back onto the vessel, and making it our our own.

So, what do you do once you have it all settled??? Well, you start projects of course 🙂 Most of this is pretty simple stuff, but here is the list of things we want/need to tackle this off season.

  • Install an additional upright freezer in the Galley lazarette
  • Install an Ice Maker in the lazaratte as well (previous one was removed for the wine fridge… cant complain about that 🙂 )
  • The dry exhaust pipe was reported as having a crack in survey. Upon inspection, its all good, but suspect the issue was decaying insulation… so new insulation is being installed
  • New air filter (plugged with old insulation from exhaust)
  • Fix the OC error on Gen Start. Will check filter and needs oil change as well
  • There are a bunch of little things as well like checking and documenting all the systems, fluids, etc. Not much is known on the state of things
  • I also ordered some cool little labeled rocker switches to replace on the helms to simplify the identification of items
  • Install a Grill on rear deck. The previous owner has a nice mount ready and I am going to go with a Blaze Grill that should fit nicely
  • I would like to replace the monitor screen that displays the cameras with another MFD. Ideally either a duplicate of whats on there, or a new Axiom that supports the eventual addition of a FLIR
  • and the grand daddy project: Install a LiFEPO4 battery bank with a 10KW inverter and auto transformer to allow for AC and Heat to be used year round without extended use of a generator. More to come on this install in future posts, but to say I am excited about this one is an understatement. (-updated – See Need More Power)

As you can see, most of what is above is very minimal. Its so nice having a newer vessel. The only downside we can see so far with this vessel is the limited size of the black tank. 70 gal. Our previous vessel had 150 gal so making the adjustment to frequent pump outs will need to be top of mind. Our electric heads also seems to dump a lot more water than the previous vacu flush systems which just compounds the issue. But, this is honestly a pretty small item given all the positives that come from the “upgrade”

Until next time…